Three Core Armored Aluminum Cable

3.6/6(7.2)kV AL/XLPE/CTS/PVC/SWA/PVC Three core armored cable 
Three core XLPE insulated copper tape screen armored cable with aluminum conductor


To be used for power distribution in medium voltage, as transformer feeders in substations. In power plants, industrial and operation installations, in residential areas and mining installations, in dry or wet locations, fixed installed in air, directly buried in the ground or in ducts, where require higher mechanical protection.



1.    Conductor - Class 2 compacted aluminum

2.    Conductor screen – Semi-conductive compound

3.    Insulation - Cross linked polyethylene (XLPE)

4.    Insulation screen - Semi-conductive compound

5.    Metallic screen - Plain annealed copper tape

6.    Filler - Non-hygroscopic material

7.    Binder tape - Non-hygroscopic material tape

8.    Separation layer - Polyvinyl chloride compound (PVC)

9.    Armor - Galvanized steel wire wires

10.  Binder tape - Non-hygroscopic material tape

11.  Outer sheath - Polyvinyl chloride compound (PVC)


Cross Section

3 core; 25~400mm2


Temperature characteristics:                    

Conductor operating temperature: -15~90                  

Min. temperatrue laying condition: 0                 

Conductor emergency operating temperature: 105

Conductor short-circuit operating temperature (5s): 250


Electrical Characteristics:

Rated voltage: 3.6/6(7.2) kV

AC High voltage test: 2.5U0 for 30min

Partial Discharge at 1.73 U0: 5PC or better



Core identification: Red, Yellow, Blue color strip along the phase core or according to the customer's request

Outer sheath: Black or according to customer requirements



Cable design: IEC 60502-2

Conductor: IEC 60228

Three Core Armored Aluminum Cable

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