QIfan Cable Assist FAST Project



On October 10, 2017, the world's largest single-caliber radio telescope - the first batch of results of the 500-meter spherical radio telescope (hereinafter referred to as FAST) announced that the first radio telescope in China has found six new pulsars.

Shanghai Qifan Cable contributed a lot during the process of building and putting into use of FAST. FAST project contractor CHINA MCC5 GROUP CORP.LTD. expressed satisfaction with the product quality, delivery speed and service of Shanghai Qifan Cable Co., Ltd. through comprehensive comparative investigation and demonstration of many cable companies at home and abroad, and finally determined to use Qifan cable as the current conveying line for the main project equipment of the project. Shanghai Qifan Cable Co., Ltd. attached great importance to the project and prioritized the production of cables worth nearly 10 million which were urgently needed for the production of FAST projects. It was delivered on schedule in May 2017. The project department of Wuye Group appreciated the delivery time, quality and service of Shanghai Qifan Cable Co., Ltd., and said that it would continue to cooperate with Qifan Cable in the future.

Shanghai Qifan Cable Co., Ltd. will continue to strengthen cooperation with the FAST project, provide reliable power protection for human exploration of the origin and evolution of the universe and and contribute to the development of radio astronomy in China!

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