Qifan Set up New Plant in Chizhou Anhui Province



On the morning of March 18, 2018, the ceremony for the admission of Chizhou Science and Technology Industrial Park of Shanghai Qifan Cable Co., Ltd. was held. Chairman Zhou Guihua, Executive Director Zhou Guixing, General Manager Zhou Gonghua and some senior executives attended the ceremony.

The admission ceremony began with a warm drumming performance and lion dance performance. The director of the Health Department of Chizhou High-tech Zone hosted the ceremony. Zhou Guihua, chairman of the company, said that he would promote the Chizhou Science and Technology Industrial Park project as soon as possible to contribute to the economic development of Chizhou; the Chief of the Peak District welcomed the admission of Qifan Cable into Chizhou and hoped that the Qifan Cable Industrial Park would be put into operation as soon as possible; Deputy Mayor of the Municipal Government Sun Gexin announced that Shanghai Qifan Cable Co., Ltd. officially settled in Chizhou High-tech Zone.

Chizhou Science and Technology Industrial Park of Shanghai Qifan Cable Co., Ltd has a total investment of 1 billion yuan. After production, the output value will reach 3 billion for environmental protection control cable and instrumentation cable production line. The project has high technology content and strong driving ability. It is planned to be put into operation after 4 months of construction. After the project is completed, it will become an important backbone enterprise in Chizhou High-tech Zone.

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